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    Peter's Bio

    Peter-Field-Hypnosis_cds_hypnosis-mp3_downloads.jpg'The Therapists' Therapist'™

    Peter Field is a leading British hypno-psychotherapist with an international reputation.

    His book on hypnotherapy 'The Chi of Change' became an Amazon #1 best-seller soon after its release and is considered a classic in the field.

    Peter is the originator of CHI-HypnoTherapy™, a unique and systematic method of addressing problems of a psychological nature.

    He is an acknowledged Master in the field of hypnosis and hypnotherapy and has come to be known as 'The Therapists' Therapist'™.

    Peter's clients include celebrities from the world of entertainment and sport, captains of industry, psychiatrists, psychologists, doctors, counselors and other hypnotherapists.

    He is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Health, Member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy, Board Certified Member of the National Guild of Hypnotists, and Certified Instructor with the NGH -- the largest professional hypnosis organization in the world.

    In addition to his busy hypno-psychotherapy practice in Harley Street, London and Broad Street, Birmingham, England, Peter is a lecturer, BBC broadcaster and internationally recognized writer on psychotherapy, hypnosis and health. His expert articles are currently published internationally on more than 200 different websites.

    Peter is now making his unique state-of-the-art recordings available in the form of Mp3 downloads and CDs, so that those who cannot visit him personally are able to benefit from his advanced hypnotherapy in the comfort of their own home.

    Previously, these recordings were available only to clients who visited his private clinics in the UK.

    In these recordings Peter's wonderfully calm, soothing voice gently guides you into a deep state of hypnotic relaxation, where your own subconscious mind effortlessly learns how to restore balance and bring about powerful positive change.

    Peter Field brings a life-time of experience and professional expertise as a practicing hypno-psychotherapist to the writing and production of each carefully crafted and skillfully produced recording.

    Listen to any of these unique and original recordings and you’ll understand why Peter is justly called 'The Therapists' Therapist'™.